Village Simplicity – Sunrise to Sunset

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Life in a village can be simple. First of all there are less choices for shopping, you need to walk to where you are going, and the village is small.

Today was fun. Wandering around doing errands here is fun. There are no straight lines. It’s a circular world.
That means you may set out with one thing in mind, but cross paths with someone along the way and end up in the opposite place you thought you were going to.

We, friend

Rosie and I, headed to town for some food shopping. The walk is not far, along cobble stone paths, down a grated cement part of the path which is a bit steep and grated to make it less slippery for the animals especially in the rainy season and into the village.
We took a detour to the hardware store so I could put up another poster announcing the time n date of the next herbal walk. Rosie wanted a coffee so we stopped at The Eclipse Cafe, but then she decided not to then so we went to get minutes on her cell phone. From there to the store where a local was only too happy to carry her groceries home and wait until we had our coffee first. Why not.

So we returned to The Eclipse, but they were closing. Instead we went to the Cafe Bahia for a drink and snack. This cafe is by the pier and looks out onto the ocean. Gorgeous.

As always, it’s hard to go too far without some, either gringo or local giving me an hola. Can be pretty non stop some days and there’s something about the locals taking me in like that that I cherish. So after our snack we headed back to the store to get Pepe and our groceries and headed home.
The day was perfect until I went to wash my guina (chiggers) covered legs from my walk upriver in the shower and no hay Aqua. So down to the beach to wash off the soap.

Seems like a big water problem of going on, with no telling how long and it’s not the lack of water, but the system bringing it into the village from upriver.

Ruthie called Carolina, Carolina called Natcho, Natcho came by to get Carolina’s number and to explain it all. TBC That’s how it works here. You run into the person you need to, someone gives you the information you are looking for and problems get solved when they are meant to be. One learns both patience and to be in awe of the workings of the ‘path’ or the ‘coconut telephone’.

It’ s age old, without cyber speed. And when you know and trust this wisdom, it all comes to you.