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“The Moontime Harmony Workbook engages us, month by month, in connecting with our menses through wisdom, worksheets, and thirteen beautiful, usable calendars.

We are encouraged to remember our first blood, to trust our bodies intuition, and to release the story that our periods must walk hand-in-hand with physical or emotional pain.

The book addresses sexuality, the shame we carry about our bodies and our cycle, and our struggle alongside all other beings throughout history. It stirs memories of the red tent or moonlodge – a sacred place for ease, healing, and reflection.

We are urged to connect to our bodies rhythm and the attune oneself to the ebb and flow of the feminine. Many of us may not have had the push to do so, but once a month our bodies remind us to reawaken ourselves and step into whatever incarnation of the red tent we are called to – and this workbook is a beautiful guide. “

Lillian Krueger ~ Journey of Young Women


So I gifted your book to my client today and she was over the top excited!!!  She thought it was so incredibly beautiful and has been having really bad cramps, and got a bit emotional at the opportunity to have a space to visit about that!

Thank you so much for being you and doing your important work in the world.  You are making such a difference!! ❤❤❤❤❤
Lynn Ruoff- Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


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