My Pilgrimages

Time goes by so fast here. The day’s unfold, are filled with activities, visits, necessary maintenance. There are lovely choices, always another new or returning person to spend time with, always more information to receive. My pilgrimage is reflected in several mini pilgrimages. Yesterday I had two. The first was an attempt to visit a […]

The Plagues

I often come to Yelapa to leave a life behind that has ripples of discomforts and discontents, – time out-only to eventually realize that all those realities loom larger than life in my mind in this amplified reality. More time to think n ponder. Mercury retrograde fine tunes these ‘plagues’ such that i dip into […]


Perched from this deck my view is like a TV screen. Pie lady daily walks across the beach balancing the container of pie on her head hands free. It takes about 2 weeks for all the parts of you to reintegrate here or anywhere I guess for that matter. But I now feel like I’gvm […]