My Pilgrimages

Time goes by so fast here. The day’s unfold, are filled with activities, visits, necessary maintenance. There are lovely choices, always another new or returning person to spend time with, always more information to receive.

My pilgrimage is reflected in several mini pilgrimages. Yesterday I had two.

The first was an attempt to visit a friend who lives ‘upriver’ and has created a ‘mamastery’ where she lives. This is a way of her honoring the Divine Feminine. She lives upriver, about an hour walk from the village through ‘El Paso, a composino community, and has made several lovely gardens and altars in a very open camping style on her property. Simple but with focus.

Unfortunately, it was her retreat day so I was not able to visit with her. Instead I communed with the river that flows by her mamastery.
I entered the river a ways past her mamastery and began making my way down river by walking through it on the shallow sandy, banks. The water flow was not strong. Eventually I encountered boulders and the water got a bit deeper. That’s when the fun began. I had to climb over boulders, hold onto groups of seaweed like plants, navigate the sand levels so I didn’t all of a sudden find myself in water deeper than I wanted to be in. I was now communing and playing with the river, letting her forces direct my journey down her path.

When I lived here, as part of my need to self nurture, every moontime I would meander ‘upriver’ and commune with the river. I would find a quiet, hidden, well protected sandy place and usually lie down for hours while my dreaming mind listened to the river’s song and took me into her essence. I would allow her flow to enter my flow and together we would flow where my moontime needed to flow.

Yesterday, being the eve of the full moon, I cherished the opportunity to re-enter into the river’s flow and found a soft, sandy enclave where I could be safe, rest against a boulder and let my being wander with in.
Eventually I found a place along the river where I could exit onto the trail that goes along the river and would take me back home.

My next pilgrimage was to the Yelapa vortex on the full moon night. Sister moon’ brightness pulled me into her inner chambers and communing with her propelled me into another dimension. I walked along the beach to the full moon fire and sat there for awhile enjoying the warmth and light. Bonfire light and full moonlight go well together. They also seem to open a door to a bit of an altered space where inner truth gets brighter too.
I didn’t stay too long, walked back along the beach, sat again by the energy vortex before walking through the knee deep lagoon to get to the other side where I could walk up the steps to where I am staying. Content and peaceful I crawled into bed while watching Mother Nature’s wonderful and beautiful scene below. A blessing to be allowed to be part of it.