Welcome to Moontime Harmony

flower cropHave you ever wondered if there was more to your menstrual cycle? That is wasn’t just a cycle for procreation. Did you ever get glimpses of a deeper meaning or experience a sacred connection? Ever notice rhythms, changes in energies that could be followed. Or has your moontime been one of shame, annoyance, pain, and discomfort?

If you are in need of a new lens through which you can experience your moontime, then I welcome you to Moontime Harmony– a path to creating and experiencing a Sacred, balanced and harmonious menstrual wellness. A path to discovering the Blood Mysteries.


Moontime is a gift from the Divine Feminine or Goddess. She has given a wombyn a monthly opportunity not to create new life, but to tap into her inner self so she can cleanse, shed the old, let go of what is not needed, and offers wisdom, healing and renewal to replace it. There is a rhythm and cycle that is guided by the moon’s energy that waxes and wanes and when a wombyn is in harmony with Sister Moon’s outer cycles and her inner lunar rhythms, she flows and is guided by her inner Goddess self who will guide her each month.

There is a path and predictable process a wombyn can follow that will help her to put her in touch with Moontime Harmony. The Blood Mysteries don’t have to be a mystery, they can be like coming home to yourself.

Welcome and blessings,