The Countdown and Puzzle Corner #4

One week left. Things and places to get to. Puzzle pieces to find. No agenda days to squeeze in.
I have been working on doing a workshop here based on my book. Here is where the Goddess spoke to me, here is where the forces of nature embrace you, so here is where the workshops will be held.
I went to the retreat center to do a final looksy. It is an amazing jungle universe onto it self with everything I need right there. I can’t wait to share this incredibly beautiful space,reality and opportunity with other wombyn.

From there I met the lady who wants to do more herb walks after I leave. Yippee. She can
even print out more pamphlets. The universe does provide!

Then I paid my bill at Elena’s and asked Caesar if he could help with a translator for the herb
walks. His kids grew up in San Jose, so all the pieces are in place for that too.

I am amazed at how together I am in this Yelapa universe. It’s so effortless for me to navigate.I have fresh coconuts delivered to my doorstep, fresh raw milk yogurt, drinking water, and from time to time local sausage, but I don’t buy that. All because I know the folks.
If there is a need, I usually walk by the person who will help, or know where to find them. I stay safe here in this jungle world of insects, snakes, crawly things, cobble stone paths, dark places on the trail and crossing river openings and lagoons. I know how to do it all safely so I decided that my last puzzle piece was my ability to live in this foreign country, jungle environment more primitive lifestyle successfully. Not everyone can or does. Not everyone wants to either. Not everyone can walk into town and get holas from locals who know your name and have a fondness for you.

Not everyone can know their way around the different ‘hoods’, hike, swim, walk and flow with this slower and quieter rhythm, but I can, I fit right in and love it. I have achieved an ability to coexist here happily. In fact way more easily than up north.

So my last puzzle piece is to recognize that some part of me has the intelligence, wisdom and flexibility to adapt, learn and grow in the newness and difference of this lifestyle.

As my days here diminish, I cherish every moment never hesitating to catch another view of the horizon over the rolling ocean waves, watch the buzzards circling high in the sky, catch a glimpse of the river trickling down to the beach while the white egrets fly over swooping to catch a fish, the clouds floating over the lush green mountains or the exquisite beauty that
surrounds me here every day.

I am truly grateful! Thank you Yelapa for embracing me!