Puzzle piece/filling in the puzzle

My puzzle part for today.

I am waking up earlier finally. I love being able to have a leisurely morning, my 3 cups of tea, sit and watch the activity on the beach below. I want this time to last forever for some reason and get a bit anxious if I see the time getting on. Don’t know why. I have no place I have to be, just my own self created agendas. But for some reason I feel I have to do something and get somewhere by certain times. Have a full meaningful day. That part of me hasn’t retreated yet, so I savor the early morning permission to do nothing and try not to look at the time.

My focus and affirmation for today is ‘I am a financially successful wombyn. I attract financial success and abundance.’  Before getting out of bed, I recited my mantra. It s time.
I realized that part of including this new aspect, dimension, reality I also have to undo the thoughts and actions that blocked that in my life. Here in lies the challenge. How to let go of what stopped that from being part of my life. How to even know? How to create I can and do thoughts so I resonate with success and ‘the universe’ so that’s what flows into my life? How do I catch those negative thoughts, change them and muster up the courage to act on what I imagine to be what will attract this success into my life now? As always, I ask my angels (thank you Jenny) for help and guidance and then trust. Living here allows me an expanded awareness to know or so I hope.

What are the signs, what are the shifts, what do I need to do or not do? What does this success and abundance look like?

This definitely part of the puzzle of my newly being created life.

As I sit and absorb the abundance in front of me, I try to link with this feeling and lock into this impression. I will use this moment to remember when I need to reconnect with what abundance feels like.

One more corner to fill, but filling in the puzzle.