A week in Review?

Some highlights of magic when in sync with the flow.
I jumped in to help 2 women in the store buy some food. Turns out one has cancer, so I connected her with my herbal friend who supplied her with moringa to take with the guanabana leaves. They/she was so thankful and grateful for my help. I kept running into Andrea to ask her to bring more.

I had to go into PV to the dentist. Afterwards I went to the guy a few streets away to get my bee pollen. He now had a whole lot of herbal remedies too. Peyote soaking in oil for pain, peyote/marijuana pills for pain, rattlesnake venom pills for cancer, guanabana pills for cancer too were among his supply of stuff. More info for the women.

I’ m learning the art of magic, maybe. Honoring myself is part of that. Knowing when to give myself permission to accept what I feel seems to create a groove for the flow of magic. Or are my angels ramping up my destiny?