Come Mentor with Me in Yelapa, Mexico

My moontime journey and discovery began in this quaint, fishing village over 25 years ago. Away from the modern, hectic world, I discovered the sacred essence of theBlood Mysteries, the Moontime.

Here in this land of the Divine Feminine I was able to attune to nature, follow my lunar rhythms and harmonize with this gift from the Goddess.

I return every year to reconnect and to remember these rhythms that bring me closer to the Divine Feminine within.

Again this year, I would like to share this most amazing gift. While you vacation in ‘paradise’ why not mentor with me and find your path to your Divine Feminine. Connect with your Sacred Moontime and attune to the light and dark of Luna’s rhythms both within and without.

What we can do together is:
* recreate your menarche so it is a positive jump start to empowering your feminine self
* immerse your body, mind and soul in the natural world and align your inner world with the organic cycles of nature
* follow the lunar cycles and how they influence your inner life
* explore moontime issues and where they originate from and how they can be healed
* learn the value and importance of charting and coding your moontime cycles and experiences
* become aware of diet, lifestyle habits, exercise and how they influence your moontime flows and energies
* use this natural environment to open your awarenesss to further understand the phases of the moontime cycle and how they enrich your being, offer healing opportunities and can be paths to creativity
* learn how to tune into your moontime and how to use her as a compass to listening to your body’s needs and emotional rhythms.

We will organically flow in different places like the beach, the jungle, hikes, gardens and where each location will be perfectly suited to what aspect is to be explored. 

How will you do this?

Some time in January or February, 2018 come to Yelapa for a vacation! I can help you find accommodations. Then we will set up times to get together to retreat on a one to one, or small group basis. Your cost to me is based on your needs and is only for the time we spend together which we will arrange before you arrive and is specifically based on your needs. The rest of the time is spent any way you would like. Meal are your choice.

Time spent on the beach, hikes, etc. are yours to decide. I can organize an herbal walk with a local lady, horse rides upriver, massages but it is not part of the cost for the retreat. We can meet in the morning, afternoon or both. You decide what you need or how much time you need. All this we will arrange before you arrive.

So if it is time to find your Sacred moontime path, why not do it in the land of the Feminine where the moon kisses the shore and the stars twinkle like diamonds and have a wonderful vacation at the same time!

Enjoy local cuisine, fresh fruit, fish caught daily, Mexican and international food options.
The village offers ocean side dining day and night.
Stay in a palapa in the jungle or somewhere overlooking the beach. Yelapa offers many beautiful places to stay. It is a unique village that only got electricity about 10 years ago. Now there is wifi, many delicious restaurants, music venues most nights, folklorico dance performances by the local award winning high school troupe and nature hikes galore and much more.
The village of Yelapa is a boat ride down the coast from Puerto Vallarta. It is a small, fishing village without cars, but offers an experience where you can flow in harmony with nature, observe the cycles of the moon and slow down to a pace of life where your soul catches up with your heart.
Come and experience the beauty of the moontime where Luna shines brightly to guide your way.
For more info contact me at
And may all your moontimes be blessed and Sacred,