Yelapa 2017

Hola everyone welcome to Yelapa 2017
I have snippets of unfoldings I’ve been jotting down.

PEELING AWAY ANOTHER LAYER Each¬†weekg opens a different psychic curtain. As I download into this reality, the rhythms of the north lessen and those of flowing with the natural world increase. As I watch the ocean rolling on to then receding from the img_3604shore, I look within to discover my own going within and then emerging without. Often it syncs with the light of the moon. Sometimes I just can’t push myself to be out, social or wanting to be with people. Other times there is an ease and that desire and effort just flows. Knowing to push or not push myself becomes clearer as layers peel away.

burrosjuice standSYSTEMS

Putting my systems in place.
There are unique things one must do here to beboats safe or just the way it is.
Remember to close your mouth when you take a shower and rinse your tooth brush with bottled water.
Tuck in the mosquito net daily.
Remember to take your flashlight, key and money when you go out at night.
Rinse beans and lentils before cooking. Check for stones.
Find the coconut amigo and hope he brings some.
Let Andrea know I need my garbage picked up.
Plan to wash anything early because it takes awhile to dry. Don’t want to run out of undies.
Step off the trail to let the ATV s pass.


Magic of thinking here. See it in action
Sometimes all you have to do is think of someone or want to connect with someone and boom they appear or you pass them on the trail.


Jan 11

Today, day after first full moon of 2017, wolf moon there is a tidal balance. From my perch I see the entrance of the lagoon where the river empties into the ocean. Usually the beach closes, the river backs up and locals dig a trench to let the river empty.
Today the tide is coming into the River/beach entrance.. There is a still point. The river cannot empty because the ocean tide is moving towards the lagoon and ocean water is flowing into the river. It looks like a balance. There is a point where the ocean is calm, happy to be still and not pulling in or out. Day of Guadalupe, night after wolf moon, lunar oceanic tides are calm, in a balance, gently flowing. Am hoping this is lunar s message for 2017! Certainly a good start for this lunar year.


Being able to be so close to Gaia, watch her unfold, hear her sounds, see her changes of light, shades of color, observe her many gifts feeds the soul.



Today my way of dealing was to offer random acts of kindness. Must keep the light shining.

Be good to yourSelf