The Plagues

I often come to Yelapa to leave a life behind that has ripples of discomforts and discontents, – time out-only to eventually realize that all those realities loom larger than life in my mind in this amplified reality.
More time to think n ponder. Mercury retrograde fine tunes these ‘plagues’ such that i dip into the valley where going within is the only direction and they parade in front of me like bread and puppet 2 story puppets. Their existence follows me and shouts out to be acknowledged. In the middle of the night or early morning when I’m defenseless, they gnaw at my peace, shake it up with demands of acknowledgement. Familiar puzzle pieces that I crave to transform but never know how. So wish I could figure out how to leave these ongoing for many years situations and replace them with the ones my heart truly desires, be it mine or those of my children. The ‘here I am again ness’ or is this still part of my life has it’s grips on the twilight hours of my awakenings and decreases my joy, interferes with my enthusiasm for being here. I suppose this sobering is another puzzle piece, part of the integration of being here, the sort of coming ‘down’ from the arrival high, the attachment to what isn’t detached yet. Like the waves, it rolls into my mind, then recedes as I get on with my day.

Getting on with my day is a combination of the agenda and the unknown. For example. Yesterday I had to go up to the elementary school for my volunteering with the clay play in the class. I love doing this here. I am the perfect combo of Spanish speaking, teacher and potter.
After, I had a plan to meet a man I’d met here many years ago and who out of the blue contacted me before I left SC and said he might come down here. He did and I ran into him when he arrived. I emailed to meet on the beach. He wasn’t there, so I left to go home. The lagoon was filled so I walked upriver to cross.
I had run out of moringa, a popular herb here for energy, anti aging, and is an antioxidant but forgot to ask Andrea for more. She has a tree. Walking by Jeff’s I see a bunch of branches that look like moringa, Robin walks by just then says moringa. I ask her why it’s there? For anyone to come and take! So I gather a big bunch. I will dry it and blend it into a powder to put in smoothies.
I keep walking and see Richard walking towards me. Love how the invisible paths of synchronicity work here, and so we stop to visit then go for a coffee.
Later I went to dinner alone, but of course ran into another old friend who joined me. He is going to stay with a friend he’s had an on and off love affair with since the second year I was here and I had no idea it was on again. She’s moved down for a year to the next village down the coast. Hmmm true love is resurrecting!? It’s these dances that amaze me. He also just published a book about his walks in Spain along the camino de compostella so we had some lively chats about our books before leaving to join Victor for his birthday at the disco.
Yes another late night with aging hippy friends who shake their booties, some with healed hip replacements,white hair but the spirit of youth!