The Countdown and Puzzle Corner


I have moved and am happily installed for 2 weeks overlooking the beach, ocean, lagoon river mouth watching the daily waves roll in, boats going back and forth, birds sunning their wings on the beach in the morning, boats pulling people rising into the sky in the parachute, egrets walking on their skinny legs in the lagoon looking for fish to eat, men throwing their nets into the ocean to catch fishtail sunset, the occasional ‘school’ of jumping fish skimming the ocean surface, tourists walking across the beach going to the restaurants, fruit bats flying around the fig tree at night, on and on. A never ending wealth of human and nature’s activity to enjoy.

I am on retreat here. It feels like when I would enter my moontime and need to pull away from the world and just be with me- MY thoughts, MY feelings, MY needs, MY rhythms-with no one getting in my way! It’s more than down time. It’s time that allows me to focus on me and my flows. Do I want to swim or read or nap or eat. I am not on automatic doing doing doing, but able to slow down and let surface what I actually want and need to do.

When I was bleeding I always had this same pull. To stop and get off the world as I knew it, and slip into another slower dimension where me time pervaded. Well this is the same space.
I don’t go out, hoping not to talk to anyone, eat when I feel like it, sleep when fatigue overcomes my waking world and listen, listen, listen, listen to my body, mind and soul.

Yes, am hoping for healing messages, am striving for renewal, will happily accept revelations or epiphanies and most of all just want a bone deep rest that will recharge every cell of my body.

I sort of feel like a caterpillar in her cocoon, transforming into what I don’t know but something stronger, better and if able more sacred. After all this is the land of the Divine Feminine where her lunar, natural rhythms are the rhythms of life and getting closer to them is effortless if….. I am beginning to remember.

As I pay closer attention to the birds and animals, children and local people, I hope to embrace their soft gentleness that Mother Nature has embraced them with. I hope to imprint, again, on this natural world of all elements- water, air, earth, fire- and find my way back to my world of my inner natural being, my source. What mysteries are there to unfold? What gifts to discover? Time will tell. I am grateful for this time.

But for now I’m headed for a nap!