Menarche Coaching

Menarche or a girl’s first moontime is a time to celebrate. It is an important transition in the life of every girl.

It is the introduction into wombynhood as well as the menstrual cycle.


IMG_2523 How a girl enters her first moontime creates a foundation for her relationship to her newly emerging feminine self. It creates the space for  her  experience of her menstrual cycle. If she enters it with positive and joyful celebration, she will experience it with that. If she enters it as the curse her future moontimes will reflect that instead.


Creating a healthy, shameless, wise wombyn menarche is important so the budding young wombyn will flow with her moontime with wellness and learn how to connect with the gift of the Sacred within.


IMG_2937Menarche coaching is an opportunity to guide, not only a young girl, but the entire family in an atmosphere of support so that the young girl will be assured of experiencing her first moontime as a healthy, positive, informed and sacred experience.

Creating a healthy awareness requires that families honor and celebrate this major change in the young girl’s world, recognize that she is emerging into the world of wombynhood and that they surround her with loving, healthful constructs.


In my coaching I:

*meet with the girl and her family, separately and together

*listen to everyone’s needs

*point in directions of moontime wellness, away from directions of unhealthy moontime thoughts, attitudes or expectations

*give suggestions for positive and celebratory ways to honor this transition

*meet with the young girl after her moontime to refine anything that could lead to negative or painful future moontime, listen to her experience, help with enhancing her moontime relationship

Positive thoughts lead to positive experiences.


Creating Menarche Celebrations

Honoring a girl’s first moontime is important to assure her a positive and joyous entrance into the world of moontime and wombynhood. It is a time to celebrate the ‘heavenly waters’ moonflower birth.

By meeting with the family and girl in a space of safety, protection and respect we will co-create a celebration which reflects the personal preferences of the emerging wombyn.

I offer suggestions, ideas, point directions with the intention that the family develops their celebration that will have meaning for them.

I have printouts that suggest celebratory ideas which can be used as a foundation to build upon. Encouraging creativity will enhance the experience.



Coaching sessions are available in person, phone or skype.

Coaching is available separately or in combination with the creation of a celebration.

* Coaching alone- $39/hr

* Coaching with celebration planning-$52/hr

* Celebration planning-$39/hr