Perched from this deck my view is like a TV screen. Pie lady daily walks across the beach balancing the container of pie on her head hands free.

It takes about 2 weeks for all the parts of you to reintegrate here or anywhere I guess for that matter. But I now feel like I’gvm here. My routines are in place more or less. I feel more solidly here. The TV channel is switched to the Yelapa channel. Does any other exist? Well my mind does keep reminding me of other lives, but for now all of me is here.

It’s like my body and mind are in sync. I’m not needing to move any faster than my body wants to, and although my mind might be driving me with things to do, when I stand up I just move at a pace that is in harmony with my energy level. Of course this a luxury because I can eliminate and narrow down what I do to what is essentially needed both physically and mentally, but it’s always interesting to observe this mind/body shift and how my mind gets more clarity with this bodily shift.

I don’t feel the need to do everything all the time, but am more content to be the receptor. Not that I sit around and do nothing, but it’s as if, if I sort of sit back and let life just unfold, I m on this walkway that’s just there and life unfolds in front of me and what gets filled in along the way is always just right, meeting just the right people on the path, receiving just the right information for what I need to know, being in the right place at the right time. I wonder, is this destiny and I am just glimpsing it from some altered space or does life unfold in the moment and if you can allow it to flow, the ‘right’ just happens.
I know this opportunity is a luxury right now since I don’t have many needs or agendas, etc. but when I get ‘theĀ  pull’ for whatever, then the flow begins and I try to step aside, if only in my mind, and let this flow manifest it’s reality. This takes practice, but it’s fun to see what happens when I consciously do it. Like who will I meet today, who will tell me what, what thoughts will enter my mind to lead me where.

Here is an example. A thought to check out Susun Weed’s fb pages to see if I could post my book. On one it says message Susun and she’ll reply soon so I did. I was wondering if she received the copy of my book I sent in October. Since I hadn’t heard from her, I thought that maybe she was embarrassed to have endorsed it and just said nothing. But quite the opposite. She apologized for not thanking me, likes my book and wants to interview me on her blog radio! It’s as if all this was in the ethers, but I had to crack open this unseen door to let it in.

Yesterday I felt a bit sick and crawled into bed early. Sobered up about my heart throb and the silliness of the situation. Let it go, let it go. Content with embodying this commitment.

Today I went down to the beach, and like a movie, there he was. I stopped for a briefsecond to make a comment to him and out of the blue was this other guy calling me andĀ inviting me to join him, which I did. Hmmmm. Just sit back and let it flow.

The magic continues!