Flowing With Your Sacred Moontime

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Twenty-five years ago, I lived in a quaint fishing village down the coast from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for six months each year. It didn’t have any electricity, phones, roads, or cars—you could only get there by boat. Each morning I’d wake with the sun, watching the light rise over the mountains, casting a pale yellow light onto the dark


Twenty-five years ago, I lived in a quaint fishing village down the coast from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for six months each year. It didn’t have any electricity, phones, roads, or cars—you could only get there by boat. Each morning I’d wake with the sun, watching the light rise over the mountains, casting a pale yellow light onto the dark beach below me.

Living in this tiny fishing village in Mexico, I discovered that each season, my being—body, mind, and soul—was gradually adapting to the rhythms of nature. Like downloading my music into an iPod, I “synced” the natural world into my being. I started to flow with the rhythms of light and dark, moon and sun, the elements, wind, and tides. Changes without became reflected within. I needed only to become aware that the two were connected. When I took the time to be still and quiet, this awareness downloaded into my mind, emotions, and being and I realized just how much nature was part of my internal rhythms and cycle.

Rhythms of the Moon

One of the most obvious ways I saw this was in how my moontime and menstrual rhythms started to sync with the moon’s phases. My cycle was in harmony with the new moon cycle. My bleeding would begin around the new moon, and then there were recognizable energetic shifts that imitated the different lunar phases. The more I paid attention to the outer lunar phases, the more I became familiar with my internal ones.

Around the time of the new moon darkness, I would observe an emotional need to “take cover,” going within and being still as if in a womb. The full moon brightness, meanwhile, stimulated ease with an outer, more social flow. I realized that a woman’s body is her physical and emotional compass, guiding her to wellness or reflecting disease. When we don’t care for our bodies with love and attention, pain often replaces pleasure and upheaval replaces harmony. Often these reflections are intensified during our moontime.

But when we understand that these situations can help us to access healing wisdom, we begin to flow in creative harmony. And that when you flow in harmony with your Self and your lunar cycles, you may even find you look forward to your moontime, cherishing it as a “coming home” to your ‘divine feminine’ self and her wisdom. As I became more familiar with my reoccurring monthly patterns, I decided to keep track of them. No one had explained this process to me, but my awakening Feminine awareness instinctively knew what to do and understood the value of following these physical and emotional needs throughout the month and my moontime. Knowing that my changes were predictable allowed for preparation, acceptance, and familiarity. Honoring this created harmony.

I realized that the key to flowing in harmony with this cyclic pattern was to follow and honor my body’s voice, needs, and wisdom.

Charting and Coding

If you aren’t familiar with charting and coding, it’s very simple. Basically, it is a way to document your phases, body and emotional changes, and needs that reoccur each month. A calendar is the most useful tool, but a notebook or journal works too. First, make a chart. List the changes and experiences you would like to follow each month. Then create a code for each change. Your code can be a color, a letter, or even a symbol like an emoji. Bloating can be blue, B, or a blue thumb pointing down.

Every month, write down your codes on the days you experience them in your calendar or journal. Keep track of the corresponding lunar phase and the days you bleed as well. Say on May 25 you feel bloated and it is two weeks before your moontime. Now you may start to see that every two weeks before your moontime you get bloated. This is a recurring pattern that is part of your rhythm. Can you do anything about it? What if you try avoiding certain foods? Does that help? Maybe if you include ginger in your diet you eliminate the discomfort?

Once you know what to expect and find a solution, you can avoid the problematic or uncomfortable situation. You are taking charge and creating harmony. Over the course of a year, you will see how these situations occur at similar times of the month, at similar phases of the moon, and at similar times in relation to your moontime. The value of knowing your Self and needs is that you can be prepared, plan ahead, do what you need to do, and take steps to be on top of your rhythms. You will be in harmony with you. And don’t forget to follow these changes during the seasons. Winter might vary from summer.

From the Cursed to the Sacred

Once I began to follow my phases, I discovered that there were four changes of moontime energies I could identify. Eventually, I could slip into them effortlessly. When I did, pain disappeared and a sacred flow of energy replaced it. Like four seasons in the outer world, each moontime passed through four distinct phases and changes. I called this my moontime medicine wheel. Before my blood would flow I often seemed to have a more frenetic internal energy. A quickening, sometimes sexual energy, sometimes a scramble to get things done.

Once my blood began to flow that all changed. There was a need to retreat from the outer world, slow down, rest, be in my own world to drift and dream, stay warm, nurture myself, and honor my blood. I might bleed onto the earth if possible, create a ritual, take a walk in nature, write in my journal, bathe in sweet-scented essential oils, or cuddle up in bed and watch a movie. There was always a pull to listen to what my body was wanting to do or not do.

Often there would be a still point where my internal world surfaced and answers to situations gripping my life would become clear. This phase, which I called “being in the garden of the Goddess,” felt like a psychic and sacred component to my moontime—one I cherished and looked forward to—when I felt wisdom flowing into my consciousness. It seemed that once I heard or felt what was needed, I could move out of that phase and my body would feel healed, energized, stronger, renewed, and ready to go back into world and resume my life. Like a snake, I had shed my old skin and the new one was ready to be worn.

Becoming Moontime-Empowered

We all know that moving through life can be smooth and/or bumpy. But when a woman honors, adores, listens, and learns from her moontime, harmony begins to flow within her. She becomes the mistress of her being and not a victim. She creates balance and harmony within her Self, her body, and with her emotions. This essence is the blessing of a woman’s moontime. It is a gift to be honored and cherished. When you understand how to navigate your sacred moontime compass, you find a path to your divine feminine self who will gift you with wisdom, knowledge, and blessings.

This is the soul of the moontime and the beauty of the sacred wisdom that has been gifted to women each month. Moontime Harmony Blessings,


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