Another puzzle piece-Generosity

I have been blessed to have been gifted the opportunity to stay at my friend’s place here in Yelapa. She overlooks the beach and ocean. I have a view of the beach, the ocean and the mountain in front of me from my bed. It’s well equipped and comfortable.

She has been generous to me over the years allowing me to stay here and in her apartment in Vallarta as well as her home in Fairfax. For this I am so grateful.

I now have had the opportunity to repay her a bit by being generous back. I stocked the house with needed supplies, and food and have been helping her re entry to be effortless. I love the feeling of being able to be generous back. There is a feeling of warmth that I get when I can give back to her. It lightens my heart and I feel happy. It’s a magical feeling. I love sharing my upriver good eggs, being able to make a wonderful breakfast, the good bread that I schlepped  back from PV, being able to offer tea with good honey in the morning, all with ease. This feeling of generosity uplifts my soul. I assume if my soul is uplifted, then hers is too. If I am giving and she is receiving there is a circuit of completion that elevates our emotions. The more I can be generous, the more elevated we feel. How important is this feeling of generosity to manifest. How wonderful it is. How good for one’s heart.