The Forces of Nature

Looking out onto the beach below My eye was drawn to the indentation in the sand and the shore lines. Usually this vista just is, but this morning, while listening to the ocean waves and bird songs, I focused on these results of the forces of nature. The impressions.

Often too subtle to notice they go undetected and just are. But for some reason they are capturing my attention with a message.

Nature, Mother Nature a visible and unseen force that creates and carves. Movement, that is obvious, as well as, unseen is constant. This movement keeps life flowing in all its glory. Her movement leaves impressions of what was, a past in the present.

Here you can see the results. Every morning the ocean movement has created a new coast line, the wind has blown and left new impressions in the sand, the river flow has emptied out into a new place at the mouth where she meets the ocean. It is never in the same place exactly, it is never the same.

A factor in these changes is the tides. Behind the tides is the moon. Reigning are the phases of the moon!

As we near the dark of the moon, the tides seem to soften. They are less ferocious, in tune with the inner pull that the new and dark moon creates. She is now in her inner chamber as if in deep meditation. A halting of sorts where you slow down to look at what’ s within. It’s quiet. A stillpoint. A place to rest and take note before emerging out into the faster flowing rhythms that move into the bright light of the full moon energy. Cherish this force of nature as Sister Moon monthly gifts us the time to withdraw and renew. If only for a moment. Like the phase of the menstrual moontime, the dark moon is a time that allows this force of nature to flow in soft quietness. Listen to the voice of this lunar wisdom within. She speaks in whispers.